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travellikegulliver asked:
well its really a badass layout, love it. consistently going to edm shows is good ! what ahve you been to this year? hey ill be a raver friend!

This year chuckie, dyro, 12th planet, candy land,LIC showtek n r3hab ,flux pavilion,adventure club, Steve aoki . I think that’s it; yes you shall be my first raver friend lol is usually my gf and I . Are you going to something wicked?

travellikegulliver asked:
cool did you design your background page yourself? its awesome. also edm is awesome! i wa slooking through stereolive tags thats how i got to your page. you go there often?

No sadly I did not design the imagine nor the layout, I found it online and my girlfriend did the layout. I try to go as much as possible; unless I work or school but so far I have been consistent. I just need more raver friends, my regular friends aren’t so into it.

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